Starting out with the belief that coffee and the internet go together like cyber and cafe, we at Cyber Coffee have worked to put together a special range of coffee varieties to suit every taste.

Whether you’re into seriously thick black caffeine syrup or a mild flavoured, medium strength coffee with milk, we feel sure you’ll find a satisfying blend from our range. Basically we’ve tried to represent most of the world’s major coffee styles especially for people who spend mega time at a computer keyboard.

Just use the icons on your left to select a blend, or click the links below:

Hackers’ Blacker Beans
Daintree Defrag
Beta-Tester’s 6 pack
Downloader’s Dripolator
Hyper Cyber Slider
Net Head Smoothie
Peak Plateau Plunger

We hope you like our lighthearted approach to coffee, but if you’re into serious coffee analysis, you’ll also find a more industry-wise description of our varieties for each blend included. And to make the choice easier we’re offering a low price “beta-testers” pack containing enough of each variety to brew 12 to 15 cups.