Gerson Therapy: Does it really works?

Does it work? Based on one methodologically flawed retrospective study and several case reports, there is no clear evidence that Gerson therapy is an effective treatment for people with cancer. A small ‘Best Case Series’ review concluded that both physical and psychological benefits, appeared to be offered by this regime, but these findings have not … Read moreGerson Therapy: Does it really works?

Certified Organic vs Fair Trade Certified

The title of this article is disturbing. The concepts of Organic and Fair Trade are very important to building (rebuilding) a sustainable society. The good news is that the certifications are not mutually exclusive and actually complement each other nicely. First, a word about certification. In our current market, third party certification is essential to … Read moreCertified Organic vs Fair Trade Certified

Taste Hot and Delicious Organic Coffee

Coffee drinkers everywhere now have the option of forgoing their ordinary cup of coffee and going “organic”. Coffee made from organic coffee beans has advantages and is healthier for you than its traditional counterpart. Organic coffee is created using beans that have been cultivated and harvested without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides or … Read moreTaste Hot and Delicious Organic Coffee